Real Estate Leads

It wasn’t too many years ago that real estate leads all started off either from a sign, a handshake, or something printed on a piece of paper. That universe has changed and it has changed quickly. With sights like Zillow and other smaller ones littering the Internet, real estate leads now are generated primarily online. Unfortunately, there not found these days usually by somebody finding that beautiful website you built. They’re found through more sophisticated sites like the ones we tend to build that just absolutely dominate the internet for local markets.

We’ve gotten so good at generating real estate leads that people have been asking us how we are doing it. What we have done is we have put together a small checklist that you can look at that goes over the various ways that you can be working on getting real estate leads and sure, yeah, a Facebook fan page might give you somebody but trust me, most people who are looking for their new home or looking for their listing agent, aren’t going to start off with Facebook to try to figure out where to do it. They are going to be digging much deeper to the Internet than that for something that has got a lot more depth and grit than just a glossy Facebook page that has six hundred and forty two likes on it. A like, you can buy likes by the thousands on Facebook, very inexpensively for people of India who just click all day.

If you like to go through the checklist from a group of guys who have been working hard in the real estate market, who have made millions of dollars, who absolutely dominate internet marking, put your email address in below and we’ll send you our free check list that you can go through to compare against what you’re actually doing. And, no, we are not trying to sell you some expensive service or some expensive product and, yes, we do have things that we sell but they are not that much money to get started. Put your email address in and we’ll send you our free list of things you can get started and working on and, heck, if you never buy anything from us you still will be ten steps ahead of anyone else around you if you just simply read through the report.