Real Estate Lead

It is pretty funny, my business partner just became a real estate lead. Here we are sitting side by side, day after day, working on sites that generate leads for different agents and for ourselves then he looks over at me and says that he is looking for property up north on the beach. I started cracking up because this is the same thing we are working on every day. What am I going to do sell him as a lead to one of the real estate brokers up north? I don’t think so, but you know how it goes.

The sites we have been setting up look like they are becoming very successful. What we are doing is building small niche websites in the different areas that we are interested in to generate the real estate leads. We’ve got certain sites we are building right now for generating buyers leads and other sites we are building right now that are generating sellers leads.

One of our favorite groups to go after right now are ‘for sale by owners’. Yea, these guys are tough to turn into a lead but there is very little competition going after them right now as most people think of them as too hard of a market to crack. If you want to see a little bit of the write up of what we are doing to turn internet viewers into a real estate lead, put in your e-mail below and we will show you our lead generator write up.