Real Estate Advertising

If you’ve been involved in the real estate game, you know that real estate advertising has been turned over on its head. Today I was just talking to somebody who is running the office at one of the largest real estate advertising firms in the country. She told me that they have laid off most of their employees. I asked her how much internet marketing they did and she told me that the only real estate advertising they’re doing are the traditional paper methods. It took everything I had to not laugh!

Anybody who is in the game of marketing these days knows that advertising dollars spent on print media are inefficient and wasted. Over the last decade, we’ve been transitioning over and over and now we are 100% online. I don’t know any real estate advertising that’s done in print anymore that I’d be willing to invest my money in and count on in the future. All the advertising we’re doing now is using online real estate sites on sites we built ourselves and cool things like Facebook ads, paid advertisements and other sites using our special formula. But I’m not going to go into that now.

I’m guessing you probably ended up here because one of my friends sent you over which is totally cool but unfortunately we don’t give the juiciest secrets online. We make people give us their email addresses so we can keep it all in the family. If you want to know more about what we’re working on, just drop in your email address and we’ll send you my tip sheet on what real estate advertising is working right now and what is not.