Marketing Small Business Online

We’ve been marketing to small businesses online now
for well over a decade. This includes businesses we own, and also businesses of our clients. To market
a small business online requires a lot more sophistication than it used to. Luckily, there’s lots of good
people around to do the technical parts, if you know where to look. We have a great list of those
resources that we do make available to people who buy our products, or our clients.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what you’re doing, or you hire the wrong people, or you waste
money on online marketing that doesn’t work, you can blow through a lot of advertising dollars very
quickly and not get a return on your investment. In the online marketing world for small business, the
key word is, “ROI.” ROI stands for Return on Investment. For every dollar you drop into the marketing,
you’d better get a bunch of dollars back or it’s a complete waste.

The old trick newspapers had of selling advertising by saying, “You need to see it 5 times before
somebody’s ever going to call,” is not true and we’ve proven that in the online marketing world for small
businesses. In fact, a lot of the best ads, the first time a user sees it, they click on it, and then they call
or email or fill out a form to come in. Some of the best online marketing for small businesses involves
collecting email addresses, setting up special phone numbers for people to call where you can track
where the phone call came from, but my favorite one at the moment is Yelp. That’s why we’re focusing
so much attention on them. That’s why we’ve set up this site.

Our clients that are killing it have literally doubled their income, or at a minimum they’ve increased 10%
or more as a result of having good Yelp reviews. Now, I’m not saying that if you own a company that
pours concrete having good Yelp reviews is going to make a difference, but then again I don’t know the
concrete industry, maybe it does.

But for doctors, and attorneys, and dentists, and florists, and especially restaurants or hairdressers,
your Yelp reviews can literally make the difference between whether you’re going to be eating after you
retire, or whether you’re going to be living on the street – and I’m not joking about that, either.

I’d love to share more with you of what we’ve learned about doing online marketing for small
businesses, so if you put your email address in below, we can send you some of our information, and
you can learn more about what we do. We’ve got a lot of good tips for you and a lot of information we
give away for free that we’re happy to send you. And then, if you want more help, you can let us know.