Leads Real Estate

If you want to buy leads, real estate has some of the most expensive leads in the world. If you want to buy leads, real estate is also one of the toughest places to find those. Sure you can find some place that for five dollars a lead they’ll send you a thousand leads. You can spend the rest of your live dialing for dollars hopefully getting somebody to answer the phone.
The real holy grail of this is when you have your own site set up in a way that interested buyers and sellers are landing on your site deciding that you look like the person they should be wanting to talk to and then they are filling out their information and then you’re calling them right back or emailing them right back after they do so. Not only are these the hungry leads that you are looking for but they are also people who have chosen you above everybody else in the area and decided that you’re the expert. Once they have decided that you’re the expert and that you’re the one they trust, the rest of it is a cake walk. Honestly what is one of those leads worth? I’d say conservatively one could afford to spend a thousand to ten thousand dollars per lead for that type of lead.

The truth is that you don’t have to spend anywhere near that type of money because you can develop these yourself. I would never hire a company that would develop these leads for me. I guess perhaps if I had somebody that really knew what they were doing like we do, it might be worth it, but the truth is you’ll never going to be able to evaluate someone well enough to make that decision. On the other hand if you could develop your own site in a way that you could create these leads yourself, then for you getting these leads real estate will become a cake walk.

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