Advertising Real Estate

If you are advertising real estate as much as we are, you are finding that the game is changing and the game is changing fast. No, Yelp hasn’t made it to advertising real estate yet, but sites like Zillow become monsters to contend with.

I don’t necessarily think that Zillow is the best return on investment, although I know a lot of people are using it. The methods we use are much less expensive and much higher return on investment. The entire world of internet marketing is built up and when we’re advertising real estate we are trying to sell now, we do it using a series of niche sites, aiming to do well in Google, sometimes even tossing in some paid Google ads in a very special way.

You won’t find us advertising real estate in print anymore. Personally, I feel it’s a waste of money. So, the best ways for advertising real estate still involve talking to the people so that the real estate you are advertising has a broader public appeal than in the immediate neighborhood.

Our more advanced tips are going to help you. A lot of the information we teach in the seminars, we are giving away free now to people but not to the whole world. If you want to know the advertising that we’re doing, please put in your email address below and I’ll send you some of the information. If you want the better stuff, yes, you do have to pay for it, but we have learned that often the best way to market something is to give it away for free. So, put in your email address and I’ll send you some stuff.