Advertising for Real Estate

For both owners and agents who are advertising for real estate, you want your property to be seen by as many qualified buyers as possible. It isn’t enough just to get on the MLS. Or, if you’re advertising for real estate sellers, it isn’t enough to just have your name on a bus bench or inside a few magazines. People these days are going online and if they’re looking for advertising information for real estate agents, they’re going to be Googling for terms they are going for.

We find over and over again that a huge percentage of buyers start their search with a search on Google. So, if you are advertising for real estate buyers or advertising for real estate sellers, one of the first places I suggest you start is improving your Google ranking. You don’t need to have a big fancy site and the graphics on the site don’t make a big difference. What makes the biggest difference is if you’re believable or not.

Nobody reading advertising these days can be tricked by glossy statements such as “Cheapest rates ever” or “Buy now!”, but instead, if you’re advertising for real estate customers of any type you need to have very believable copy preferably written by you.

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